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    Artist.  Illustrator.  Writer.  Autism Advocate

About Me

My name is Carissa Mordeno Paccerelli also know as "Carissa P" or "Rissa P".  I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember.  Since Kindergarten, my artwork had been displayed on various exhibits and received awards and recognitions.  

I'm also a writer and illustrator of comic arts and short stories, and have been doing art commissions since 1st grade.    Last year, I wrote and illustrated my first published book, The "A' Book, a collection of satirical comments about autism.  It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I also advocate for people with autism and those with special needs.   People with special needs are not weird or odd.  They only want what everyone wants - to be accepted.  My brother and I are in the autism spectrum, that's why this is very important to me.  Few years ago, I started a non-profit organization with my grandmother called "CPM Foundation".   Our mission is to provide programs that enhance and give value to the unique abilities of very special people, often referred to as "special needs", but have so much to give due to their unique characteristics and perspective.  You can read more about our organization at

Reading books is my other passion, that's why I can't imagine kids not having access to books.  When I was 10, my mom's friend organized a book drive for disadvantaged kids in the Philippines.  My mom told me that there are school-aged kids in the Philippines who still can't read or have not seen picture books in their lives.  This made me sad and became motivated to collect books for the kids.  The book drive eventually became a non-profit organization called "Pusong Pinoy" meaning "Heart of a FIlipino" and I was designated as a Junior Team Leader.  Since 2009, my cousins and I have collected close to 40,000 children's books for Pusong Pinoy.   You can check their website at